Yesterday is a 3D Puzzle Game that explores love and encounter from a girl’s perspective. Created by three Chinese women based in different parts of the world, the game presents romantic encounters as puzzles full of possibilities, any decision you make will lead you to a different path.

You play as the girl, and meeting the boy is your goal. You can move on the same plane of connected cubes, or rotate cubes based on where they stand. You receive a special item each time you touch the boy, which will refresh you a piece of your memory with him. Every chapter has a different sub-rule designed according to the unwritten rules of love.

An encounter is not easy. You need the right place, right time and right person, just like how you’ll feel in this game. In real life, time and space cannot be distorted and we cannot return to the past. But in here where dreams mix with reality and time and space are interwoven, you can.