The Longitude exhibition features events, screenings, panels and activities throughout the exhibition period. All events are free but we encourage you to register for our Thursday games workshops as numbers for these are limited.

Exhibition Opening 

6-7:30pm, Thursday 18th October

Join us in celebrating the opening of the Longitude Exhibition. Enjoy drinks and good company and play games from across the Asia Pacific region.

Curator Presentation

6-7pm, Thursday 25th October

Join Exhibition curator Hugh Davies in a discussion of the concepts behind the exhibition and the ideas connecting the game works.

Playable Cities

Date to be confirmed

Featuring leading designers and artists in the field, this panel discussion will take up the idea of playable cities in the 21st century. 

Indie Games In China

6pm-8pm, Tuesday 20th November

This screening of the new release will feature an in-depth discussion about China’s lively indie games scene and shifting commercial games sector.

Ayatori String Game Workshop

 4-6pm, Thursday 18th October

Ayatori is a traditional Japanese string game. The game involves forming string shapes between the fingers of one or more people. Aside from being a tactile, fun and social activity, the games is said to have fortune telling capabilities. Come along and learn to make shapes with string and perhaps peer into the future.

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Go Game Workshop

4-6pm, Thursday 25th October

Invented in China more than 2,500 years ago, Go is the oldest board game still played today. It’s lasting appeal is it’s simple rule set that offers endless variations. This workshop teaches the basics of Go to complete beginners and welcomes experienced sharks to share expertise and enjoyment.

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Shogi Workshop

4-6 pm, Thursday 1st November

Shogi is a Japanese strategy board game with striking similarities to its ancient cousin Chess. Like Chess, Shogi is played by capturing enemy pieces and defeating the opposing King. This workshop will teach the basics of Shogi and welcomes sage masters and absolute beginners.

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Mahjong Workshop

4-6 pm, Thursday 8th November

While scholars date Mahjongto the Qing Dynasty, legend holds the game was invented by Confucius. Blending skill, strategy, and chance, it remains one of the most popular games in both analog and digital versions. This workshop will teach the basics of Mahjong and welcomes experts and novices alike.

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Capacity: Up to 20

Age restrictions: All Ages

Capacity: Up to 20

Age restrictions: 10 and up.

Capacity: Up to 20

Age restrictions: 7 and up.

Capacity: Up to 20

Age restrictions: 7 and up.